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We want to make the first experiences of school joyful and exciting. We want children to evolve, but wtreasure children for who they are right now, not just for who they will become. Over the past fifty-five years our curriculum has changed, evolved and expanded. We were once a High Scope school, but moved on to a curriculum that better addressed our priorities and goals. All the classes at Pinecrest Presbyterian Day School are age-appropriate, creative, nurturing and fun! We recognize that all areas of development are linked; each depends on and influences the others.  We implement The Creative Curriculum by exploring a new theme weekly/bi-weekly which allows us to introduce academic concepts through music, movement, art, literature and hands-on activities.  As we utilize  developmentally  appropriate 

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materials for the children, we seek to develop creativity, independence and confidence within each child. Children develop in an environment of relationships. We want the children in our care to experience warm, positive and affirming teachers. Our teachers are educated, experienced and dedicated and they love working with young children. Our teachers plan and provide activities which recognize various learning styles and address all areas of development – social, emotional, intellectual, and physical. Activities involve individual tasks as well as small and large group opportunities for learning. The day allows for structured and non-structured activities and includes outdoor time on our spacious, shaded playground.
Many years ago we also began to use the Handwriting Without Tears program with our Junior and Senior Kindergarten students.
Established in 1962
Over Fifty-Five Years of Distinguished Early Childhood Education
18 months - Kindergarten